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5 Things determine when to Bath Dog (Complete Guide )

We all have this Common Question 
When do I Bath my dog ? or How often we have to bath our dog ? or How Often should I make the dog to Bath ? 

Here we are with the answer for all your questions 

Have you ever wondered How often should you bathe your furry friend?

Well many a time, the answer is “It depends.”

Primarily, Why do dogs even need baths?

  • Bathing your dog  from time to time is essential to maintain basic hygiene and grooming standards.
  • It is also imperative to bathe dogs to avoid health issues, skin allergies and free from parasites such as fungus & bacteria.
  • And at times, when your dog has visible dirt earned through happy walks and romps through natural environment, 

And obviously, making your pooch more pleasant to be around and as a smooch buddy…! 


Factors influencing bathing time

Factors influencing the bathing time

In general, dogs can have a bath every one to three months. But not all pooch requires bathing at the same intervals. According to Dr. Jennifer Coates, veterinary adviser adds, 

“ The best bath frequency depends on the reason behind the bath ”

How often you should wash your dog vary greatly based on a number of factors like his health, breed, coat, Lifestyle, season and activity level, as well as where these activities are taking place.

Let’s see  how to keep your furry friend looking healthy, fresh and clean.

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Different breeds have diverse types of coat. This greatly influence how often we should bathe our pooch based on the type of your dog(s) coat.

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Dogs With Oily Coats

Dogs that have slick and a more oil coat like Basset Hounds need baths more often compared to other dogs. They may need bathing as often as once a week to prevent them from other skin conditions and stinks

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Breeds with short hair and smooth coats

These dogs are simply fine with less frequent baths. Short-coated dogs are fastidious in their personal hygiene and rarely need a bath E.g.: Beagles.

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Breeds with less or No Hair​

According To the Pet Groomer specialist  Hairless breeds require intensive care, they need to be bathed weekly e.g. Chinese Crested.

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Breeds with water-repellent coats

Interestingly, certain breeds such as Golden Retrievers  have water repellent coats and they should be bathed less often to preserve their natural oils as they can regulate their natural oils without much help.

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Breeds with long coat

“Obviously, the more hair a dog has, the more work is involved, including the frequency of the bath,” says a celebrity dog groomer. He adds, “For dogs with medium-to-large coats like Labrador, Shih Tzu bath could be needed from weekly to every 4-to-6 weeks, as long as the coat is properly maintained in-between baths.” since this type of fur can collect dirt and filth.

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Dogs with thick / double coats

Furry friends like SamoyedsSiberian Huskies and other Northern breeds, who are furrier requires extra care more than bathing. They require usual bathing routine (at least once every 1-3months)and a lot of extra brushing ,which gets rid of loose, lifeless hair and helps distribute natural oils that keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy. If you Over-bathing could strip too much oil from the skin and disrupt this process.

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Surprisingly, Seasons do influence how often your dog need to bathe……!!!!!


In summer, you can soak your dog once a week, especially if your dog involves more of outdoor activities. It has great benefits by keeping them cool and helps to keep them away from certainly added odor as your furry friend gets smelly too often. 

If your furry friend is more of indoor and not particularly stinky, then bathe them once a month or according to their breed or coat type. 


As a dog owner, you may wonder whether you can give your dog a bath in the winter. Well, bathing your dog during the winter months is important. It helps to keep your dog fresh and also prevents fleas and other skin issues that hide under a winter coat. To prevent the dogs from the Tick And Fleas use Tick Toodeloo Anti Tick Shampoo. Its is completely free from sulphate and Paraben. It also gives Shine Coat for Furry Friend. It is Aryvedic with no added artificial fragrance. Click Here To Buy

Unlike summer, bathing need not be as frequent as once a week for your furry friend as they stay indoor the most and importantly they will not be able to produce their own scent — which they use to communicate with other pets — and their fur can lose certain properties due to not having any oils.

Thus at least once every two months is recommended.

Interestingly, some dogs require washing in winter (particularly those with oily coats).In that case, you might require to wash your dog frequently(maybe once a month). And it is important to keep your pooch from catching a cold or some condition. Alternately, you may choose to deodorize and clean him with dry shampoo for quick and easy cleaning with no water needed.

However, it is always recommended to get a consultation with your pet doctors with this basic understanding to give your furry friend a better bathing routine.

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Skin Allergies

On the other hand, bathing is a critical part of managing some medical conditions, like allergic skin disease.”

For dogs with some forms of skin disease, the disease commonly has a defect in their skin barrier, which manifests as drying of the skin and that contributes to their misery,” says Veterinarian doctors.

There are several types of skin conditions in dogs. Allergies, parasite infestations, hormonal imbalances and autoimmune diseases can all affect your pet at any age. Depending on the condition, your dog may be better off with no washing or may need more regular bathing. Here are bathing routine for few types of skin allergies.,

Conditions such as fleas, mange or a skin allergy (such as food and environmental allergens – allergic dermatitis) upset the balance between the bacteria, which normally live on the skin, and the immune system that usually keeps the bacteria in check. This can develop into an infection, making your pet’s skin uncomfortable and itchy. On the other hand, dogs with bacteria and yeast infections, or with an accumulation of dandruff scale, do need to be bathed frequently to remove “the pathological build-up of stuff on the skin,” Bathing once or twice a week will help relieve pain and itching. This helps your dog heal soon and to keep the skin condition under control.

Also, If you suspect outdoor allergies (grasses, etc.), try to wipe your dog off when it comes inside so that fewer microscopic allergens will remain on its coat and skin.

In rare cases, such as if your dog suffers from MRSP (the dog version of MRSA, a type of bacteria that’s resistant to antibiotics), doctors advise you to bath your furry friend daily for a certain period of time(probably till they start to heal).

Signs of dry or sensitive skin include flakes of dandruff / dull, harsh feeling coat. For dogs with these skin types is always good to bath your dog less often.

Shampoos which is of sulphate and Paraben content makes your dog more prone to allergies and even skin cancer read more about the Why we should use a Paraben and Sulphate free dog  shampoo

However, it is always important to consult your vet before washing your pooch when they have skin allergies.

Life Style &

Health & Lifestyle are considered along with the other factors while determining how often your furry friend needs a bath

Dogs who spend a lot of time outside enjoy rolling around in the grasses and muddy areas, obviously need more baths like once/twice a week . When you realize that your dog had an extremely happy rolling day enjoying the muddy environment, regardless of when your dog had last bath wash him immediately.!!!

According to veterinary advisory indoor dogs who primarily go for daily leash-walks in the neighborhood requires washing few times a year  just to control the odor and to maintain the natural oils in skin but wiping his paws clean daily might also be enough — regardless of the breed.

Then, there’s the health of the owner “For owners who suffer from allergies, they’ll typically react to their pet’s dander, which can be managed with a weekly bathing routine.”

If your dog is healthy, fit and stays indoors the most, then consider washing your dogs when they are no longer huggable.”

Even if your canine companion is bathed at required regular intervals, a grooming regimen is also equally important such as monthly ear cleaning, nail trimming, coat brushing and combing and conditioning etc., to main the health of your companion. 


If You Still Confused Leave us comment we will help You Through….!

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