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This journey started when I got my second dog, Tuktuk after I lost my five-year-old Labrador because of parvovirus. I still remember the day when I went to the pet shop to buy a pug but this beagle full of energy and charm caught my attention and after one minute. I was sure that I was taking him home. I named him, Tuktuk because of the way he looks at everyone. 

When he was three years old, we came to know he has a genetically enlarged heart. He has had pretty rough days but he stayed strong. It was at this point that I realized there existed some special dogs who have some genetic issues. 

With each passing day, our bonding became strong. You may feel that I was just getting emotion, but it was really the first time I realized that attention to detail is important. With each passing day, I started caring about him more. Tuktuk loves idli and momos as much as I do. But now I started searching for the right diet for him; noticing what he is eating, what are the ingredients in each product he uses, and making his treats myself became a routine. 

The vet asked us to make sure he doesn’t run much because of heart condition so now I started looking for the right exercise. I started reading about other special dogs. I realized why we should adopt instead of going for a specific breed.

For some years, google was the only way to get every kind of support I needed for TukTuk and sometimes Tuktuk’s vet guided me. I started sharing my knowledge with other friends who were pet parents too.

Soon, I got my first job. I joined, and I was filling the documents, and there came a question. This is when reality hit me. I am bad at remembering exact words, but I can tell you in my words. I was asked to write the name of a person who is dependent on me and I could only count one, it was Tuktuk, a creature rather than a conventional family member. The HR asked me why I listed as if I didn’t understand what Liability meant. I told him, he has heart issues and I need to take care of medical expenses. At that point, I was relieved I can take him to the vet whenever it is needed. But the sarcastic grin he gave me, hurts me even today. This instance holds a place in my heart. It made me determined that whenever I start something of my own, I’ll ensure that Pet parents can count their pet as responsibility.

Then after 3 months I quit the job and joined my family friend’s Pharmaceutical business. I started gaining knowledge and discussing various ingredients of pet grooming range, understanding the harmful effects of paraben and sulfates. I started doing market research about pet grooming products and found that there were very few products that were actually helpful for pets and not harmful instead. But they were exorbitantly expensive. 

Wrap in fur will provide the best products which are the perfect mixture of science and Ayurveda, contains no harmful chemicals and poured with love by a pet parent for a pet parent. I made every product intending to provide the best to our pets. It will make your pet feel special because they will get the best experience while using the product and after using the product. 

I initially want to name this brand as Tuktuk because of its deeper attachment to me. But I named it “Wrap In Fur” because every parent wants their child to get the best.

I love Tuktuk the most and from him, I have learned that every pet is special to their parents. Their pet is best for them. Every pet deserves the same amount of love and naming the brand as Tuktuk would have been a partial individual choice. Wrap in fur belongs to every pet. We love every animal equally. 

The CSR of “Wrap In Fur” is to donate 5% of the profit for dogs and other fur animals who need our help.


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Tick Toodeloo

99.9% Tick Repellent  | NO Added Artificial Fragrance| No added Sulphate | No added Paraben | Enriched with  Vitamin E

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