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Dog paw cream

Hello parents of pooches…… are you the ones who are wondering about paw cream then this one is for you all…!!!

5 Steps to bathe your dog ( step-by-step)

How to bathe our Dogs? How to make your dogs’ bath easy and effective? experienced Pet Parents recommended Step By step tips to bath Your Dogs to stay healthy

5 Things determine when to Bath Dog (Complete Guide )

We all have this Common Question 
When do I Bath my dog ? or How often we have to bath our dog ? or How Often should I make the dog to Bath ? 

Here we are with the answer for all your questions  

There are five factors which determine the frequency of bath

Why should we use paraben and sulfate free dog shampoo ?

We love our pets unconditionally, but we forget to educate ourselves about the ingredients that are used in grooming products. We assume that we are buying the best product. Are we buying a good product?


Tick Toodeloo

99.9% Tick Repellent  | NO Added Artificial Fragrance| No added Sulphate | No added Paraben | Enriched with  Vitamin E


Mr. Doggo Bathing Tips

Learn about hacks to get your dog addicted to Bathing. Niketana, dog parent shares ‘If you haven’t bathed a dog you are missing the most fun in life.’

Tips for New Pet Parents

Mr.Doggo wants to share some tips for new pet parents.

Featured Post

Why Should we not use human shampoo on dogs?

Using a dog shampoo on dog ruins dog’s skin over time. It makes dog more vulnerable to parasites , viruses and bacterias.


Here’s easy to make DIY Dog Toys, all made with things around the house. 

Cherry On the Go

 We all have a question about whether a dog can travel by train. Here is the story of a Cherry, pug traveling with her pet parents.

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