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Cherry Go - Amazing Story of traveling with Dog in Train

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By Niketana

In this tough time of corona virus its unbelievable to think that there was a time when human beings loved to travel, especially during those summer holidays we all long to spend some time away from the hustle bustle into the lap of nature. Here we are just trying to revive some of our beautiful memories travelling with our little puggy.  Right from coorg to kodaikanal, manali to mount Abu, Ahmedabad to Assam, and Rishikesh to Jim Corbett our little cherry has always been our favourite partner to travel. To everyone who thinks its difficult to travel with pets we would like to say on the contrary its fun to travel with pets. It’s a bit of hustle at the beginning but everything is possible. We have had many train rides with this puggy according to us it’s the easiest way to travel with brachycephalic breeds like pugs. As most of the airlines doesn’t allow pugs or other such dogs in the cargo in the fear that they might not get proper oxygen, and we ourselves is quite sceptical in sending cherry into the cargo. But its very comfortable and easy in trains but one has to follow a few steps in order to have a safe and peaceful journey with their pup:

“Traveling with the pet is like traveling with the child  “


  1. Dogs are allowed to travel with you only in 1st ac other classes don’t allow dogs. 

  2. Book tickets through irctc and keep the preference coupe or cabin according to how many people are travelling with the pup.

  3. One day prior to the date of departure one have to personally go to the station from where the train will start and give a written application to the chief ticketing officer of the station so that u get the coupe or the cabin and stating that you will travel with the dog. 

  4. On the day of departure reach 2 hours prior and have to book the dog in the luggage booking office showing the pets fit to travel documents.

  5. Take a printout of the train schedule and mark the station and timings according to which you can take them for pee and poo breaks you can also keep pee mats inside your respected cabin

  6. Now you can enjoy the train ride together, don’t forget to carry your dogs food, water and other essentials.

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