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Make you dog to play and enjoy in home with simple diy dog toys

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By Team Wrap-In-Fur

Is your doggo bored at home ? Your pooch is bored of quarantine and has become all lazy ?
There you have it! Something amazing for your doggo to get all excited and active about! A new TOY!!
Here’s a simple toy you can make to keep your pawsome puppers busy almost anywhere! 

 DIY Water Bottle Crinkle Toy 
 1.Take a scrap water bottle and add small stones in it.
2. Now cover the bottle with an old sock and tie a knot
There you go, your doggo has a new toy to play with!

“Playing with the dog is similar to the playing with the children ❤🐶❤🐶

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DIY Treat Dispensing Toy

Here is a simple and easy DIY hack to free your doggo from lethargy and boredom !
Make your own treat dispensing toy !!

1. Cut open a tennis ball with a knife/scissor.
2. Fill it with your doggo’s favorite food.
Thats it!!!
DIY Tug Toy

Does your doggo love to play tug? Got some extra t-shirts lying around ? Huraay !!! You can make your own tug toy by braiding one of your old t-shirts into a tug toy rather than throwing them !!

Just cut stripes of your Tshirt and braid the strips together ❤🐶❤🐶

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