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Dog paw cream

Hello parents of pooches…… are you the ones who are wondering about paw cream then this one is for you all…!!!

Contrasting to humans, our pooches have limited ways of dealing with heat. They also want to get cool, but you know what??? our pooches can also sweat a little through their paws…!!!That why we have have Dog Paw Cream  

Generally, paws are soft and supple for puppies then as they grow it becomes rougher. Also, their paw pads become dry and chapped.

In most of the cases, the pain and distress caused by paw injuries can be avoided by using paw cream

There are various reasons for cracked paws. They can be because of external irritants as well as internal problems like a sickness. In the end, knowing the reason is important. If you notice dry cracked paws on your pooch, it could be one of the following reasons,

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Ingredients in food can cause allergic reactions to your pooches. As artificial additives can cause other reactions like constantly itching in the ears, coats. Your pooch scratches and chews its paws to find relief and excessive chewing causes dry cracked dog paws.

If allergies are not identified and treated early, the itching becomes persistent. This can lead to the rupturing of the capillaries in the paw pads causing bleeding

Interestingly, paw pads absorbs shock that can damage leg joints. This allows your furry friend to run, crawl, or jump on any surface without straining or breaking a limb. But constant use of the paw pads leads to wear and tear that causes dry cracked dog paws.

You know, using paw cream as protective care is always a worthy impression when it comes to extreme weather conditions, also it can have an immense effect. It soothes the chapped and wounded paws during summer and winter.

dry paw

Anything from antifreeze to salt will not only aggravate the skin on your poor pup’s paw pads, but it is quite likely that your dog will lick it off of his paws after the walk, and it goes without saying, the ingestion of such chemicals can have devastating consequences.

Paw cream will solidify around your dog’s paws when exposed to cold temperatures. This layer of wax encapsulates the paws like a form-fitting boot and form a layer of protection between your dog’s paws and chill floors during winters.

As the paw cream contains both wax and fat, it will help repel water from the paws – keeping them dry. Additionally, since it encapsulates the paws, it helps your pooches retain their body heat providing insulation from extreme heat conditions

In warmer regions or times of the year, if your pup stands on hot asphalt for too long, they may also end up with cracked paws.

Dry cracked dog paws could also be a result of an underlying disease. An immune disease like hyperkeratosis, which affects senior dogs, causes an influx of keratin on the skin. This causes the paw pads to dry, harden, and crack. Hyperkeratosis also causes the growth of cones on the pads which can hinder your dog’s mobility.

Another disease that can lead to dry cracked dog paws is pemphigus. The immune system mistakes the skin cells as a disease-causing pathogen. As skin cells get destroyed, pus-filled blisters form on the paw pads which burst and leave a dried crust. If not addressed, Pemphigus
can spread to the nose and ears.

Dried cracked dog paws can also stem from the formation of a hard skin layer known as a callous. A callous will form over an area of skin that is subject to hard impacts like the paw pad. Repeated impact on the pads makes the callous harden, dry and crack.

If your dog has dry and cracked paw pads, you should have them checked for hard-pad disease. This condition causes the paw pads to swell and crack. Hard pad disease is prevalent in pups that are recovering from distemper.

Dry cracking paw pads can be a sign of zinc deficiency in dogs. A poor diet can result in Mineral deficiency which causes the paw pads to thicken and harden. This makes them vulnerable to drying and cracking. Some dog breeds are more susceptible to zinc deficiency compared to others.

Other surface irritants like chemicals in carpet cleaners and garden sprays can cause irritation and itching on your pooch’s paws to crack. The constant scratching and chewing of the paws can cause fissures on the paw pads.

Cleaning the paw ensures that infection-causing germs, bacteria, and viruses are removed from the cracked pad. Use a saline solution to disinfect the pad before wiping it. Avoid hydrogen peroxide as it is too strong and can cause damage to skin tissue.

Treating your pooches cracked paws depends on the severity of the condition. In minor cases, we can use a good paw cream on the affected surface whereas if the cracks are severe you may have to bandage the paw and take them to the Professionals. Let the vet treat them.

A good quality chemical-free organic paw cream like Wrap in fur paw cream will provide a layer of protection for your furry friend’s paws. The type of protection provided is subject to weather and temperature extremes.

In certain cases, when the terrain is extreme, or your dog’s paws are very sensitive, you may need to consider booties to protect their paws, but in every case, a dog paw cream is a great tool for general dog paw care.

As an added bonus, if you choose a dog paw cream made from all-natural organic ingredients, such as the Wrap in fur paw cream,  when your dog (inevitably) licks at his paws and ingests it, the cream is completely non-toxic and therefore, harmless.

A well-formulated paw cream will create a healing environment and also prevent further damage when applied to your pooch’s paws. As Wrap in Fur paw cream contains all-natural oils it helps to soothe, repair sore, damaged and cracked pads also hydrate, moisturize and improve paw skin elasticity.

paw 3

Wrap in fur paw cream has organic bee wax, Shea butter and olive oil that helps to hold the fats in direct contact with the skin which allows your dog’s paws to absorb much needed nutrients.

In addition, cracked noses, like paws, can happen in the summer or winter and just depends on how active they are inside and outside the house. As Wrap in fur paw cream is hypoallergenic, non – toxic and all natural this can be used for immediate and temporary relief.

Although they can sweat through the skin on their paws, which will never suffice to keep their paws cool enough through the day but the paw cream will create that protective barrier, ensuring that your pooches’ paw stay moist and pleased.

  • Essential oils that may cause harm to your pooch as they cause chemical burns and its side effects. So avoid the paw cream that as essential oils and go for products that are made out of natural oils that are considered pet-friendly.
  • Also, avoid products with Petroleum-based oils because when absorbed into your pup’s body they become toxic.
  • Cocoa as an ingredient. Theo bromine in cocoa is toxic to dogs
  • Ingredients that are not FDA approved such as comfrey are not pet-friendly. Only buy pet-friendly products that are reviewed by other users as safe.
  • Ensure the Paw cream are free from artificial fragrances. The chemicals present in the scents are toxic to both your pooches and their family.

·         Let’s see some tips to prevent from repetitive of dry cracked paws.

·         Keep your pooch away from surface irritants and gardens that are freshly sprayed with chemicals or fertilizer. Make sure you clean the pooches paws when they are back from outside. This eliminates any trace of irritants that can cause itchy paws in your pup.

·         Always keep cracked paws moisturized to prevent further cracking. You can do this with natural paw cream like Wrap in fur Paw Cream.

·         Prefer a balanced diet to your furry friend. Make sure what is present in the commercial dry food, before you feed your furry friend. And also, if your pooch has an allergic reaction to his current diet/food, consider changing it to see if there is any differences.

·         Sometimes cracked pooch paws will be the symptoms of another disease. So keenly note and have a professional vet examine your pup and confirm.


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