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Tips on how to give Mr. Doggo Bath

I too have some Preferences

By Team Wrap-in-Fur

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Mr Doggo : “Me will gib U tipz on how to better bathe a doggo.

1. Always brush my hair before a bath

2. Use Luke warm water, no hot no cold.. me bery sensitive

3. Talk to me in a calm and reassuring voice..me feels safe and good. Helps me with ma anxiety😊

4. Use a good good shampoo like tick toodeloo which is sulphate and paraben free ❤

“Pets are like children we have keep them hygiene  “

Dog parent, Niketna shares, If you haven’t bathed a dogo you are missing the most fun in life. 🙈 

One of our fun part of bath rituals with cherry has to be the pre bath oil massage and post bath infamous pug zoomies 🙊 and the most weird tradition is we like to play soft music while we bathe her just to keep her calm 

we use lukewarm water so that the bath session is fun for both of us and she is not very stressful about the situation.

Cherry is actually a very good girl and she doesn’t really makes any fuss while taking bath but a good treat post bath always helps as she is just excited about getting the reward of being a good girl while bathing

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