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Tips for new pet parents

I too have some Preference

By Team Wrap-In-Fur

Mr.Doggo wants to share some tips for new pet parents

Mr Doggo : “Shum tips for taking care of doggo puppies :

1. Puppy proof the house so that me doesn’t get hurt

2. Buy me Essential puppy supplies like my collar, a leash, a brush, a nail clipper, clothes, a bed, food and water bowl, etc.

3. Choose a good and nutritious puppy food so that me become strong

4. Find a Vet for regular checkups, me likes to be healthy

5. Puppy vaccinations pain but they are for my good health

6.Handle me with outmost care, me dont know anything me too smol you gotta keep an eye on me

7. Give me a safe space to play woof woof”
8. Brush my fur everyday so that me stays clean ❤🐶 

“Tired puppies get cranky just like little kids, if you have a fussy mussy pupper 🐶 try NAP time !!!! ❤😝  “

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